Vero Cafe → Barbara, the Summer Drink

Summer is a time for cold and refreshing drinks. Every coffee shop offers the same Frappe-type drinks with milk and sugar. But this season, Vero Cafe takes a bold step and invites people to try an unusual solution – Americano coffee with strawberry-rhubarb puree and carbonated ginger drink. It's a new, unexpected, and habit-breaking offer. So how to pursue people to choose a unique and exceptional coffee drink?

We took the path of eye-catching communication to convince people to leave the comfort zone and choose the uncommon.  

To reduce the distance between this summer drink and the customer, we set ourselves the task of giving the drink a real human name. A name by which we can start a new summerish friendship. And whether this friendship will last – it's a matter of taste. 

Therefore, we present to you Barbara, Her Refreshing Cafe Majesty.

Barbara's character is like a collage of tastes, combining the unexpected and communicating diversity of tasty discoveries. So, this visual style (collage technique) combines various means of expression, which perfectly reflects the essence of Vero Cafe – a coffee ecosystem that combines different tastes, preferences, needs, and emotions.​​​​​​​