Our task was to create visual identity for the up-coming annual Baltics Beauty Fair "Pelenė 2018, Vilnius", celebrating its 25th Anniversary. The visual had to broaden the understanding of what "Pelenė" is, well represent annual theme "Spa & Cosmetology", attract innovations inviting the Masters of beauty crafts to show their best and finaly to help prove that 25 years of existence matter and make the next step forward.
The following idea became our guide and Motto it self:
     - The Beauty thrills us all, once we come to "Pelenė". The view we see and thoughts we hear capture us and we start to feel a will that reinforce us to float and rise towards that Beauty, desiring to master it, own it. We love ourselves. We love Beauty. And once we meet here in "Pelenė" we celebrate declaring our love for the Beauty. I'll come too. I love Beauty.
Client: Litexpo Exhibition Centre
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