"Skybar" is situated on 22nd floor of Radisson Blu in Vilnius and is proud of a wide selection of genuine cocktails.
Continuing Cosmo theme we introduced an idea to handcraft new menu, choosing real thing - plasticine, to embody the Planets of Solar System. Each Planet was linked to a certain set of cocktails of special recipes & appearance. The Planets were handmade, thinking of their true sizes & colour codes, surface peculiarities. But as long as we were into making a Menu for the Bar, the aim to make Key Visual live and vibrant and savour predominated.
Simple typography and the explicit shortly written descriptions next to the Planets and Cocktails, made the Menu easy & relaxing to navigate and read. 
As an example the Planet “Earth” got a name "Great Place To Live" and a cocktail - “Little Green Men” described as "Alien Drink", offered. 
Happy Client: Radisson Blu, Vilnius.
Pleased Skybar Visitors.