ČILI PIZZA → For Carefree Moments! 
Čili Pizza is one of the first pizzerias, which brought the pizza culture in the wild 90’s Lithuania. People remember it as a great place to eat and spend time with family and friends. However, the pandemic period has suspended the pizzeria for many months. So as things started to get better, Čili Pizza has upgraded their food menu, which offers friendly prices and a wide range of food choices. So it’s time to come back with a bang and remind everyone: Čili Pizza is the place to be and enjoy yourself! ​​​​​​​

Čili Pizza has everything needed to engage and dominate the position of comfort food restaurants in Lithuania. Because comfort food is a rich, nostalgic and simple food that evokes feelings of easement, togetherness, and friendship. Therefore, we present the functional and emotional values of Čili Pizza with the slogan: For Carefree Moments!
The whole image campaign is based on comfort and food union when all worries and problems are forgotten as soon as you taste your comfort food. A well-known taste can not only soothe after a hard day but also allow you to experience short but full moments of comfort.