Most people buy books, read them, then they are shelved for years – only to be forgotten. At BOOKSWAP, you can swap books you keep to books you want to read. It is a new player in a sharing economy that makes everyday life smarter and detach us from things. We created an image campaign to spread this message and invite people to the book swap loop.
We invite people to collect stories, not the books on the shelf. Book swapping is a  sustainable way to read – learn, amuse and help yourself! Every new book is a cost for us and the environment. We pay the price for a new cover, but the content doesn't change – the story remains the same. Don't overpay. Swap. After all, the story is the same, only read.
The main character shares the simple but obvious truth: don't overpay – swap books. Collect stories, not books.
Agency: EZCO | Creative Agency
Hero: Robertas Petrauskas

Director: Ignas Miškinis
Production house: Menthol